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Forestry and Woodland Management

Objective: Maintain sustainable forestry and woodland management as important Forest land uses which benefit the local economy, while making sure they help to conserve the special landscape character and wildlife of the Forest Introduction There is a long tradition of forestry and woodland management within the New Forest and many local businesses and jobs are […]

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Objective: Maintain farming as a major land use and an important part of rural life in the Forest, promoting and supporting changes towards more sustainable farming which puts the Forest First Introduction 4.2.1 From the time of the earliest prehistoric Forest settlements, agriculture has been the basis of the rural economy and way of life […]

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Objective: Maintain and promote commoning, emphasising its vital importance to the Forest Introduction: Commoning is both a traditional land management practice and a way of life. It has been crucial in the shaping of the Forest landscape and wildlife habitats over the last millennium, and in the development of its cultural heritage. The commoners’ animals […]

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