drink driving solicitor

Consequences of getting held for drunk driving in the UK

Solicitors have many roles to play. If for any reason you’re looking at being faced with drink driving charges, it’s critical to connect with a drink driving solicitor who has involvement in the safeguarding of your kind of case. For instance, on the off chance that you have been blamed for a drink-driving charge, you […]

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professional negligence solicitors

What Does a Professional Negligence Solicitor Cover?

Most of us have heard of professional negligence but we are unaware of it in detail. The most common view of “negligence” is the negligent attitude of a professional who has led to a personal or professional chaos. This can be either a personal injury, a financial loss, or a combined effect of lost revenue, […]

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Book Publishing Companies in London

The inventive methods of progress that exist nowadays have completely changed the book publishing and marketing journey. There were times when one anticipated that to circulate a book they were restricted without the support of established distributers, which could be extraordinarily tiring. This often led to plans being surrendered and neglected dreams for aspiring authors. […]

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Market Position, Strategy, Performance & Future Prospects Reporting

A process of describing the market position, market strategy as well as future prospects of a business, is called Narrative Reporting. These include the non-financial details that are reported every year for a company. The motive is to provide a broad and clearer picture of the company’s market position, strategy, its performance and future prospects. […]

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Managing Recreation

Objective: Co-ordinate the management of recreation across the Forest and adjacent areas, encouraging quiet and responsible enjoyment while ensuring the special character of the Forest is not damaged Introduction Visitors from all over southern England and beyond come to the New Forest to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of its unspoilt countryside. However, it is […]

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Objective: Reduce the impact of vehicle use on the Forest environment through coordinated traffic management, and improve travel choice through an affordable, integrated and sustainable transport network Introduction The increased use of the private car as the dominant means of travel, particularly over the past ten years, has had major implications for the environment of […]

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Village and Town Centres

Objective: Support the role of village and town centres as a focus for the community, serving the needs of both local people and visitors Introduction Village and town centres are the focus of the social and economic life of the rural community. They provide essential services and facilities on which local people rely for health, […]

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Business and Employment Opportunities

Objective: Support sustainable businesses and services which contribute to the Forest’s economic well-being, environmental quality and special character, and use local knowledge, expertise and resources to create more Forest-based work opportunities Introduction Over the last twenty years a number of factors have influenced the pattern of employment and the types of work available within the […]

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Sustainable Development

Objective: Make sure that development within the New Forest and adjacent areas is sustainable, of high quality, and does not damage the special character of the Forest Introduction National planning policies are set out in the various Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) Notes and Minerals Planning Guidance (MPG) Notes.Together with national objectives for economic development, these […]

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Objective: Tourism should be sustainable and emphasise the Forest as a place for the quiet enjoyment of its special qualities Introduction Tourism makes the single most important contribution to the economy of the New Forest, providing about 30% of all jobs and with an annual value of £156 million (2001 figures). The industry has the […]

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